Monday, December 10, 2012

U.S. Army Improved First Aid Kit 2005


For many years the first aid kit carried by individual soldiers was the Carlisle Dressing or Battle Dressing, little more than a bandage with which to attempt to stop bleeding. In 2005 the U.S. Army standardized the Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK), which, in conjunction with proper training, will greatly increase force effectiveness by increasing the potential of survival for combat casualties. 

Benefit Against the Threat

The IFAK increases individual soldier capabilities to provide Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid and provides interventions for two leading causes of death on the battlefield, severe hemorrhage and inadequate airway. These capabilities increase soldier survivability during dispersed operations and the expandable pouch allows for METT-C specific “add-ins.”

The Improved First Aid Kit began reaching soldiers in the firld in late 2005 and early 2006.The IFAK was issued to every deploying soldier via the Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI)*. Weighing one pound, the IFAK consists of the following expendable medical items packaged inside of a modified MOLLE 100 round SAW ammo pouch.

The RFI fielded 961,000 IFAKS, and the program has concluded. Funding responsibility beyond RFI has transitioned to Program Executive Office Clothing and Textile.

Components of the Improved First Aid Kit

The IFAK is a self-contained assembly in a MOLLE PALS utility pouch. 
The full kit is NSN 6545-01-530-0929 and its components are:
1 x 100 Round SAW/Utility NSN : 8465-01-531-3647


1 x Tourniquet, Combat Application NSN : 6515-01-521-7976
1 x Bandage Kit, Elastic  NSN : 6510-01-492-2275


1 x Bandage Kit, Elastic NSN : 6510-01-460-0849
1 x Bandage GA4-1/2” 100’s NSN : 6510-01-503-2117
1 x Adhesive Tape Surg 2”x 6’s NSN : 6510-00-926-8883
1 x Airway, Nasopharyngeal NSN : 6515-01-180-0467
4 x Glove, Patient Exam NSN : 6515-01-519-9161
1 x Contents Kit, IFAK Resupply Kit NSN : 6545-01-586-7691
1 x Insert (folding panels with cord) NSN : 6545-01-531-3147
1 x Dressing, Combat Gauze NSN : 6510-01-562-3325

*The Combat Gauze has a 36-month shelf life, so it is shipped separately.

NSN: 6545-01-530-0929

Unit Cost: $265.00


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