Thursday, December 20, 2012

Danish Army NBC Gas Mask Bag M/96 - Hæren ABC TASKE M/96

Hæren ABC TASKE M/96
ABC-tasken  dansk sløringsmønster



ABC-bag is made ​​of textured nylon in Danish camouflage pattern. The bag is attached to the belt by means of two T-pieces, Velcro fasteners, and two one-way snaps.

ABC-bag has a shoulder strap and a small outside pocket a string that can be tied around the waist, so that ABC-bag maintained when it is used as a shoulder bag. Fishing line is attached to the small loop at the bottom of the bag opposite. ABC-bag has on the back a strap for securing the equipment belt. ABC-bag has an outside pocket with Velcro fasteners. The pocket is designed to track the paper, and the like ABC-bag cover has Velcro fasteners and snap. Inside the one hand, the ABC case a large loop spare filter and in the other hand two smaller loops to a canister for gas masks powder. There is one type ABC bags having an internal pocket in the lid of the shoulder strap when not in use. If ABC-bag does not have this pocket shoulder strap is fastened the strap to sparefilter .

ABC-bag is available in two versions. An older big bag with inside pockets and a newer smaller bag as described above.

ABC-bag used for guiding the ABC mask with filter, spare filter and a can of gas masks powder, as well as in the outer pocket several tasks to ABC service.

Other ABC equipment placed in combat uniform, side pocket or carrying case to ABC suit.

ABC-bag cleaned with water and brush. Hook and loop closure cleaned with a stiff brush.

Tears in your bag can be repaired by sewing kit.

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