Thursday, December 13, 2012

British Army Osprey MK II MTP Medic Pouch

Osprey Mark 2 MTP Medic pouch
Osprey Medical Pouch, MKII
Pouch Medical Osprey MKII
NSN 8470-99-480-8051


MK I attachment system: Essentially like the PLCE-type. Velcro straps, plastic tabs and snap fasteners. Very secure, if a bit harder to attach than MOLLE.
MK II attachment system: A direct copy of the US MOLLE-type. Long straps with snap fasteners one one end. Are meant to be run through PALS-loops, thus forming a very solid connection.

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Medical Pouch for the Osprey modular body armour cover.

Medium sized pouch designed to carry 2 x First Field Dressings (FFD), Israeli type or UK 20x19cm size plus 2x Morphine injectors.

Large compartment with two inner pockets for the Morphine syrettes.

Plain nylon panel on the lid to mark with the wearers blood group and zap number.

Also suitable for use as a mid sized utility pouch.

Desert DPM Cordura with adjustable quick release buckle and strap closure. Modular fittings on rear.

Label reads: Pouch Medical Osprey MKII

NSN 8470-99-480-8051

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