Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ukraine Army Compat Flashlight CR-1600 - Малогабаритный фонарь CR-1600

Армейский фонарь, брызгозащитный Xenon CR-1600
Фонарь армейский CR-1600
Xenon CR-1600
Малогабаритный фонарь CR-1600 
Ukraine Army Compat Flashlight CR-1600 
Фонарик армейский CR-1600

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Army lantern splash Xenon CR-1600 is an excellent tool in the road or on a hike. Can be hung on a belt, which frees your hands and makes light more comfortable to use. Operates in two modes: continuous and intermittent, and you can change the color and intensity of the beam in the green, red, yellow, or distracted. Splash proof design allows the use of light in the rain. Runs on three AA batteries.

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