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Russian Army Airborne Canteen and Cup - Котелок с флягой комбинированный ВДВ

Котелок с флягой комбинированный ВДВ
Russian Army Airborne Canteen and Cup 
Airborne field Food Kettle & Flask

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Russian Army Airborne Canteen and Cup 1959

Pot with a jar combined airborne

Adopted by the Soviet Navy Supply Order № 78 of 17.09.59 "On taking on supplies Airborne combined aluminum pot with a jar" in 1959, the year. Manufactured in the factory "Red Vyborzhets." First decision to equip the suite they were equipped with only airborne units, but over time it began to come in almost all military units.

All items of kit made of aluminum 1-liter flask externally repeating internal dimensions pot. The first versions flask consisted of two parts, seamed flanchikom, later switched to production flasks dutuyu entirely. In later versions are set to make a plastic flask. Pot 1 liter has a rectangular handle of the carrying and hanging over the fire. Bowl-podkotelnik 0.5 liter with a folding handle-lock. For storage and transport of completed canvas cover.

When transporting the kit fits into each other, water bottle is inserted into the pot, and the pot is inserted into the lid, which comes from the bracket clings flask. The design of robust and simple.

Mass of empty flask 220 g

Empty weight 200 g pot

Weight empty bowls-podkotelnika 140 gr

Cover weight 80 grams

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