Saturday, September 15, 2012

SADF Army Pattern 70 Water Bottle and Fire Bucket

P70 water bottle
SADF Army Pattern 70 Water Bottle
SADF Canteen

Patten 70 Pouch: OD cotton canvas pouch with press studs. One ear on pouch off but included, has one unusual belt loop, no snap clip. Water Bottle: Green plastic 1st type P70 water bottle with Type 1 cap. Cap strap broken/missing. Bottle looks sound but cap is cracked. Type 1 caps usually perish & disintegrate. Water Bottle Cup (Fire Bucket): Matt stainless steel cup with galvanized spring steel handle. Standard issue with the 1 liter bottle (canteen). Similar to the one used by the US but with flat, fold-under handle. No markings but SADF made & issued. Rust stains on handle. Used during the S.A. Bush/Border War.. Well used condition as per pictures.

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