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Dutch Royal Army Backpack Lowe Alpine Strike (model 52)

Rugzak Lowe Alpine Strike (model 52)  Koninklijke KL
Strike (model 52)
Backpack Lowe Alpine Strike Woodland Camo
Lowe Alpine Strike
Rugzak Lowe Alpine Koninklijke KL 
Rugzak Lowe Alpine Strike / Grabbag
Soldier Modernisation
NSN: 8465-17-114-4596

Photo Credit : Here


 Photo Credit : Here


Literally: "graaitas". As a rule, a small-sized backpack that is always within reach.

Herein by operational action the most essential and life-saving appliances included, such as Class I, III (for burner) and V, warm clothes, poncho, spiders and tent pegs.

The starting point in compiling the contents of a grabbag is the maximum time in the surgical area should be spent, but a grabbag remains personal and focused on their own function.

Defence provided to the staff of the Commando Corps and 11 Air Manoeuvre Brigade Lowe Alpine Strike grabbag with its own capacity of 40 liters and two 10-liter panniers (day-packs).

Small reconnaissance and evacuation backpack (grabbag) for the combat soldier, intended for operational deployment severity or exercises of short duration. Fits rolled up in his big brothers. Exemplary ease of use and reliability. Fully soldier proof, made ​​from Cordura ® 1000TXN.
The two standard side pockets of backpacks can be unzipped to serve together as reconnaissance backpack. Available in olive green and DPM.

The Lowe Alpine Strike grabbag (NSN 8465-17-114-4596) is considering including daypacks ± 1.9 kg. The grabbag is very suitable for evecuaties, parachuting, patrols and reconnaissance.

Strike NSN: 8465-17-114-4596.


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