Friday, September 7, 2012

Chinese Army Infantry Shovel Type 205 - 205式军锹

Infantry Shovel Type 205

Personnel use product production the short put Sapper shovel (the difference between the 205 engineers shovel) in the 1950s, the quality is good, and is characterized by the dapper, fit the upper arm is shorter.
It is with the 205 Sapper shovel distinction :

A overall and shovel surface is slightly shorter in length, weight, slightly lighter than the existing fleet of 205 engineers shovel;

Shovel body with grip binding sites is a welded one-piece wood installation rely Lesson 2 screws, over 205 more convenient maintenance, if the wood is damaged, simply unscrew the screws can replace the wood;
C, grip the back-end is a protruding body, the factory did not punch (can use wood drill hole install wires);
D, shovel front end than 205 sleek;

205 Sapper shovel:
Model: 205
Material: manganese steel
Shovel length: 630mm
Shovel width: 165mm
Shovel thick: 1.6mm
Paint: green
Weight: 0.73kg

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