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Swiss Army Mess Kit - Schweizer Armee Kochgeschirr

Schweizer Armee Kochgeschirr
Schweizer Gamelle

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Known as the cookware in Germany Gamelle , a word that comes from the French , and is used in Switzerland as a name , the soldier for heating food and also serves as eating utensils . This is supplemented today by a mostly locally procured plastic plate. In Germany it is sometimes referred to in the civilian sector as a lunch pail .

In the Swiss army mess tin was introduced as single cookware in 1882 and is still in use today. The weight is 450 g In Germany, the same cookware was introduced in the German armies as M1910 before the First World War and remained unchanged until today . There is an oval-shaped pot, which has almost kidney shape , with a plate insert and a cover. Plates and lids can be connected to a two- dish . To Gamelle additionally include a spoon and a fork, which can also be connected for storage. In the army the silverware from zusammenschiebbarem knife, fork , spoon and a can opener . In addition, be issued to the soldiers canteen and cup.

The Gamelle is used not only in the military but also civil protection or civil defense .

Gamellen there in the Swiss army since 1875, and correct the term is, strictly speaking, only for the first version, a pot of tinned steel with lid and handle, which proved to be unsuitable and a few years later replaced by the "Single cookware 1882" was ,

In the troops but kept the name Gamelle. Only now she received the present form, but was slightly modified and improved on a regular basis. Through the use of aluminum, the weight has been reduced almost by half to 450 grams. The last facelift received Gamelle 1920 with an improved mounting of the bracket. Since then, has changed except the color change from black to green any more.

Whether the decommissioned Gamelle for briefly cult object as once the Kaput, the terrible, but virtually indestructible military coat, remains to be seen.

Photo Credit : Here

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