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Swedish Army Trangia Set - Enmanskök Kokkärl M40 / M44

Enmanskök Kokkärl M40 Aluminium (Aluminium m/40)

Enmanskök Kokkärl M40 Stainless Steel (Rostfritt stål m/44)

Steel Mess Kit M/44

According to this, aluminum is also made of stainless steel also have become both "M / 40", the preceding and the aluminum "M / 44"
Only that it is difficult to conclude actual Which is correct information. If called as a formal name at any rate
"Kokkarl m / 40" or "Kokkarl m / 44", is a model number, respectively, if abbreviated "m / 40", and "m / 44"

  • Weight: 1040 g incl. cup and cutlery (m / 44 Aluminum)
  • Height: 17 cm complete with windshield (lowered handles)
  • Material: Aluminum m / 44, or Stainless Steel w / 40
  • Parts: Large containers 1.5 liters, smaller vessels 0,7 liter burner, windbreak.
  • Accessories: opener, 3-part cutlery, towel, cup and disc pads.
  • Fuel: methylated alcohol, spirits 35, T-Red (Ethanol) or Tenol (Ethanol + Methanol).

ENMANSKOK MT (Wind shield Set )
It is for the "ENMANSKOK MT", that the m / 40 is pointing only messtin is not a set, including all of those

"ENMANSKOK MT" is likely to have been added from later in life, but for the adoption time

The pot actually consists of two containers of either aluminum or stainless steel depending on model year.

There are normally five parts of the kit.

1: the big pot with a handle and hook.
2: the small pot that works as a lid.
3: the windshield
4: the burner.
5: fuel bottle

Originally there were also a cup m51 , 3-piece cutlery set, a can opener and a kitchen towel and a when issued.

Fuel: Ethanol or Tenol (Ethanol + Methanol)

This mess kit includes the following items:

The meth burner (Svea) is made from brass. It is a little larger than most meth burners but the extra capacity means you can get a burn of up to one half hour which is great when you want to cook a large meal and then put your coffee/tea water on to boil while you eat the meal.

The large pot can hold approx 1,5 l of water. It fits into the wind shield and onto the pot stand. The pot also has a handle and a hook for cooking over an open flame fire.

The smaller pot 0.7 liters has a few functions acting as lid for the large pot while cooking, a smaller pot for boiling water and a cup for drinking out of. Handle is complete with both D-rings which allow a stick, or any other items to be inserted for removal from hot cooking area.

One Aluminum Windshield / Pot holder. Interior of windscreen contains two folding metal braces, which hold pot elevated above SVEA burner, when in use. One plastic fuel bottle.

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