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Polish Army Individual Field Dressing WZ-69

Opatrunek W-ZN-69

Wojska Opatrunek Indywidualny
Army Individual Field Dressing
VerOpatrunek indywidualny W wodoszczelny

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Three individual dressings: two Polish-type W (water resistant) and type A (dust), and Czech: obvaz kapesni vz. 80
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In Poland, are produced by (Plants ToruĊ„skie Dressing Materials SA.)
They are produced in two versions:
  • Type W - waterproof - in a waterproof container with podgumowanego canvas khaki. It is produced primarily for military and OC services. This type of dressing is available in two sizes, which vary in absorption: less - a "standard" and more - as a dressing "nonwoven", popularly called "assault".
  • A - dustproof - in paper packaging, the color white. It is popular on the civilian market.
The Polish soldier's uniform (summer version) provides a special pocket to carry personal dressing (one of the pockets ext. Sweatshirts). The same is true in the U.S. Army. Special pockets for the dressings are in uniform pants ACU . The dressings are manufactured SPECIAL pockets Molle system (connected to the tape PALS), and formerly in the ALICE system.
Individual dressings are widely used in civilian: tourism and folk medicine automotive first aid, because they take up little space.

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