Monday, July 9, 2012

Swedish military flashlight - Ficklampa 3


Formally, known as the ficklampa 3, or "torch 3," the Swedish military flashlight is a standard issue piece of equipment for the Swedish army.

Swedish army's flashlight. Powered by 2 C batteries. Extra bulb included. You can have green, red and dim light. Robust design. Excellent.


If you live in the United States, you can shop at to purchase this Swedish Military Flashlight  for only $6.95 USD.  It's the cheapest price in North America.


  1. Okay, thanks, I recently bought one from "", and its really nice. When I first received it, I could not figure out, at a glance, how it opened to put in batteries, but when I saw your pics, I figured it out right away!!! It IS a nice light, yes indeed!!!! Me and my pals do alot of hiking and prospecting in the California Sierra's, so it will come in handy dandy, yessiree!!! Flippin' Swedes, they know their stuff!!!! È una luce molto bella. Me e i miei amici fanno molte escursioni e prospezione per l'oro nelle montagne della Sierra della California, e questa luce sarà molto utile per noi. Gli svedesi intelligenti, capiscono veramente illuminazione!!!!

  2. Hello And thank you for following

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  3. Got one from a source in germany. Very nice and dosen't weight so much like the german full metal version. What I like is that the slot for the dim light is angeled downwards. So nearly no light goes out of the front. It only goes down. I think the versions with the metal body have just a slot there that dims the light. But does not angle it.

    I have an LED bulb for it. The manufacturer says 2,5 time the light of the normal bulb. Now it looks like "oh my god. Not these stupid military light. Ahh turn it off. I'm blind.". I still keep a spare bulb in the flashlight.

  4. Okay, I give up! Tell me the trick to opening this little bugger! I see what I imagine is the latch on the photo, mut I'm stumped at how it is actuated.

    1. Hello Sorry , I don't understand what you're saying.

    2. hello, there its a push button on the back of the case, you push it on the top side were it has strip lines, its kind of stiff