Sunday, July 8, 2012

Royal Danish Army E-tool M 96

Feltspade M/96
Hæren Feltspade M/96

Manufacturer: Glock, Austria
Name: Hall Ching tool (E-tool)
Danish Defence Designation: Field Spade M/96

Field Spade M/96 was produced by the Austrian manufacturer Glock under the name 'Entrenching tool' or abbreviated 'E-tool "and has been tested by the Austrian' Jagdkommando '.

The shaft is made ​​from impact resistant polymer and the blade is made of special hardened steel anti-corrosive coated.

Spade has a telescopic shaft, which is locked by a small torque and the blade can be locked in three positions, which makes it possible to use the field of both the spade spade blade and chopper. The shaft is incorporated a saw which can be fitted on the end of the shaft. The saw tip can also be used as a screwdriver.

Spade placed in a coating of green plastic and as part of the pack system, there M/96 field spade sleeve M/96 in M/84 camouflage, so field slice and the coating can be strapped to the base.

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