Monday, July 2, 2012

Bundeswehr Folding Shovel 1956-59 Type - BW Klappspaten, 1956-59 Type

BW Klappspaten, Spaten und Tache 
1956-59 Type

NSN : 5120-12-20- 7839

"NATO official Bundeswehr, SERVICE shovel / spade from the" early days of the Bundeswehr "with the appropriate leather case for attaching the coupling with supply number:. 5120-12-20- 7839, with factory code and year: 1965

It is also about the original, associated with the early spade shovel handle, which is slightly shorter and more delicate, as the result of models that were used until the early 90s.

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  1. We used it in the german boy scouts.

    If the machnism got stuck. Just start beating the knob on a ledge until it become unstuck. OK that was the rough way we use.
    I think they are becoming hard to get. Because they are not used anymore and the are nearly unbreakable.