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Polish Military Water Bottle - Polska Manierka Wojskowa

Canteen wz. 37
Manierka wz. 37
Manierka wz. 38

From Wiki 
Canteen wz. 37 (sometimes we find the name Canteen wz. 38) - WP-house canteen since 1938.

Water bottle with a capacity of 0.8 liters.
It is characterized by a wide neck, through which was located inside the bucket, as flask fulfill additional functions and canteen cup.
Smooth, concave on one side of screw cap or cork rubber gasket on the other convex, perforated.
Nut was attached to the flasks by means of chain and chain to the handle at the neck of the canteen.
Attachable to the haversack canteen with a steel snap hook attached to a leather backpackbackpack also had a long leather strap clipped canteen over his shoulder at the right side.

Canteen wz. 
37 was developed in 1937 by the Institute of Technology Intendentury. The new canteen has capacity of 0.8 l and weight 280 grams. May 28, 1938 canteen received patent number 26 727. Flasks produced before the war did not have a cover (stored them in a backpack) The period after World War IIAfter 1945 it was resumed in Poland wz production flasks. 37 initially in a slightly simplified version (or a tin cap of white plastic). Was intended to canteens khaki cloth pouch with two snap hooks to enable attaching to the waist. Canteen wz. 37 was produced until 1990. However, the military equipment it can be seen even many years later.ConstructionCanteen has the form of an oval, with flattened bottom which allows it to place. She also has a wide inlet which allows for convenient dispensing of beverages, as well as easy cleaning of the interior. There was also able to remove the food from a spoon. Was almost made of pure aluminum (99%). This material was undoubtedly a defect (harmful health effects of aluminum used), now flasks are mainly produced from plastic. Nut was attached to the flasks with chain. 

Produced by the FWAB"ŚwiatowidHuta "Louises" in Kielce.

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  1. Hello Mike!

    Few clarify:
    The first postwar wz. 37 were released only in 1948, the plant "Swiatowit Myszkow".
    Polish collectors argue, that wz. 37 with a plastic (or tin) cap was never released, this is a mistake, written in "Polish Wikipedia"

    Best regards, Michael

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