Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Imperial Japanese Army Small Shovel M-98

Imperial Japanese Army Small Shovel M-98

, 九八式小円匙

「陸軍 小猿臂」

Is "spoon a small circle" of the new was enacted in 1938.
"small army Enpi" is that it has been received, I purchased.
It is named Enpi small, but it is not small at all. It is the same size as a normal shovel. 

When you unite, with a rope hole of the pattern and center hole at the top left of the iron plate to be consolidated. For performing such reconnaissance to avoid struck to face small hole two iron center, like "peephole." The top of the cover, the string of Enpi for fixing, with. String below, wonder if fixing to such rucksack. On the back, loop through the string and a portion sting the handle is attached. In fact, I've attached to the rucksack. To wobbly Enpi was heavy, fixed rope.

This is usually tied to a rucksack carry the wear of each individual troop, the backpack can be hung with a rope assembled depending on use.

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