Monday, November 21, 2016

Swedish Army Medical Panel

Väggfack sjukvårdmateriell

Medical material Wall Organizer

Defence wall compartment, meant to be hung in the medical tents to be able to keep track of medical equipment. works so clear as well to hang in a spacious car, house, or the like. large medical cross on the front, small kardsborreplats for labeling. These specimens are from the National Board, which apparently had medical preparedness in the good old days.

Sturdy rubberized outer shell and several flimsy tray of assorted medical equipment.

Can be rolled and strapped together.

Fully deployed approximately 1x1 meters.

Tunnel för stödkäpp
(english translation: Tunnel for support rod)

Dimensions / Weight:


Height: 52" 132cm

Width: 64" 163cm

Depth: folded up 44"112cm long 12" 30cm high:

Weight = approximately 2800g.

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