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Patagonia Military Advanced Regulator System or MARS Clothing System

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Military Advanced Regulator System
Patagonia MARS
In 2004 Patagonia introduced their Military Advanced Regulator System (MARS) which includes a number of the PCU levels. They were also rumored to have been the designers behind the current PCU designs.

In 2004 Patagonia developed a turnkey environmental clothing system called the Military Advanced Regulator System or MARS. Based on their commercial Regulator line, slight modifications were made to designs and the color was changed to Alpha Green. Since its initial inception Patagonia has also added base layers in Coyote.These articles use the “Level System” for layering just like the PCU (Protective Combat Uniform) and APCU (Advanced Protective Combat Uniform.) gg

Patagonia MARS Complete Line 
Alpha Green

Line # Description ISBN Lev
19011 Silkweight T-shirt Special Capilene L1
19001 Lightweight Boxer Briefs Capilene L1
19009 Light Weight Crew Special Capilene L1
19007 Light Weight Bottoms Special Capilene L1
19012  R1 Flash Pullover Special  Polartec Grid L2
19001  R1 Bottoms Special  Polartec Grid L2
19032  R2 Grid Fleece Jacket  Polartec  L3
19040  Houdini Full-Zip Jacket Special Nylon   L4
19016  Slingshot Jacket Special  EPIC Nextec  L5
20  Guide Pants Special  L5
21  Dimension Jacket Special  L5
14  Mixmaster Pants Special  L5
22  Rain Shadow Jacket Special  6
23  Stretch Microburst Pants Special  6
02  Specter Jacket Special  6
37  Spraymaster Jacket Special  6
38  Spraymaster Pants Special  6
05  Puff-Ball Vest Special   7
04  DAS Parka Special  7
18  Micro Puff Pants-Special  7
Restoration Materials
Other Patagonia MARS Items 

Order # Description Lev
19057 Slingshot Jacket - Coyote L5
202/01 Lamp film Enigma (Wehrmacht version) 50

Museum Guides
Order # Description ISBN EUR
301/01 Secret Messages [EN] 978-90-79991-03-7 10
301/02 Geheime Berichten [NL] 978-90-79991-02-0 10
Self-build kits   not available from Crypto Museum
Order # Description EUR
401/01 Enigma-E *
402/01 UhrBox-E *
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In 2004 Patagonia introduced their Military Advanced Regulator System (MARS) which includes a number of the PCU levels. They were also rumored to have been the designers behind the current PCU designs.

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Capilene Silkweight T-shirt Special

Patagonia's Mens Capilene T-Shirt is a light base-layer for cool weather and provides sun protection when worn alone. Made from silky soft polyester fabric, the shirt is fast drying, highly breathable and sleek and can be worn either on its own or under layers in cooler temperatures.
Style # 19011 1
Capilene Lightweight  Boxer Briefs
Patagonia MARS PCU level 1 Capilene boxer briefs Style # 1
Capiline Light Weight Crew  Special
Here is the Capilene base layers in Patagonia products the best stretch t-shirt. Smooth polyester, breathable, quick-drying moisture better. Style # 19009 1
Capilene Light Weight Bottoms Special Capilene Light Weight Bottoms Special
Style # 19007
R1 Flash Pullover  Special

Exclusive to Patagonia, a new Polartec Power Grid fabric (with Polygiene® permanent odor control) is lighter and more breathable than before but with the same outstanding stretch and durability Style # 19012 2
R1 Bottoms Special

R1 Bottoms Special Alpha Green Style # 19001 2
R2 Grid Fleece Jacket Patagonia R2 MARS (Military Advanced Regulator System) Level 3 Full Zip Grid Fleece Jacket  Made by Patagonia of high-loft Polartec fleece, Level 3 is an insulative mid-layer jacket made from Polartec Thermal Pro fabric that is water-repellent yet breathable. Style # 19032 3
Houdini Full-Zip Jacket Special Patagonia MARS Houdini Jacket Style # 19040 4
Slingshot Jacket Special The Slinghsot was a component of the Military Advanced Regulator System (MARS) military clothing system. A lightweight wind and water resistant softshell, it has a bit of stretch built in. Two angled bicep pockets. Style # 19057 4
Guide Pants Special Quiet, stretch-woven fabric provides maximum flexibility as well as protection against wind, moisture and abrasion
Two way fly zipper compatible with safety harness
Zippered ankle cuff and tie-down loop to secure pant over boot tops
Map pocket
Hand warmer pockets
Style # 19020 4
Dimension Jacket Special Durable, stretch-woven soft shell with excellent resistance to abrasion and weather. Style # 19021 5
Mixmaster Pants Special

Mixmaster Pants Special

Style # 19014 5
Rain Shadow Jacket Special
This is what a softshell should be - super light, breathable, waterproof, compressible & hooded. A great storm shell if you wantmaximum versatility in a lightweight softshell.
Style # 19022 6
Stretch Microburst Pants Special The Patagonia Stretch Microburst Pant is designed to be a lightweight, packable, durable, waterproof, breathable shell pant with stretch. In other words, a go anywhere does anything no nonsense pant weighing just 17oz. Style # 19023 6
Specter Jacket Special
Specter Jacket Special
Style # 19002 6
Spraymaster Jacket Special
Spraymaster Jacket Special
Style # 19037 6
Spraymaster Pants Special Spraymaster Pants Specia Style # 19038 6
Puff-Ball Vest Special Puff-Ball Vest Special Style # 19005 7
DAS Parka Special
DAS Parka Special
Style # 19004 7
Micro Puff Pants-Special They are Level 7 light weight, windproof, water resistant, insulated compression pants for max heat and comfort.
Style # 19018 7

Slingshot special  JKT - XL

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