Friday, July 15, 2016

S.O.Tech Callahan Plate Carrier Version 3B

S.O.Tech Callahan Plate Carrier Version 3B 

SO Tech Callahan Convertible Plate Carrier Hellcat Version

The perfect integration of our famous Trauma Plate Carrier (TPCS) and our Hellcat Magazine Chest Harness (HCMK1).

The Special Operations Technologies Callahan Convertible Plate Carrier system (CPCS) is designed to carry level III/IV ballistic hard armor plates and six internal M4/ M16 magazines. The entire front and back are covered with PALS webbing to allow any MOLLE/PALS/MALICE pocket to be mounted. This system permits the user to carry 12 mags before adding pouches, and then gives a large amount of flexibility to the user with space to add whatever is needed for the mission. 

The CPCS can be broken down into a plate carrier or a Hellcat MK1 if the mission calls for a change in configuration. The plate carrier section features a rugged drag handle and padded shoulder straps. 

Construction is of 1000D Cordura, bombproof sewing, and is all made in the US from all US made components. 

Upgrades on this model: 

The version 3 comes with padded shoulder
straps, front velcro for mounting flags, personal identification, or even fun-meters. 

The Hellcat version uses the Hellcat chestrig which only accepts M4/M16/AR magazines.
Note: even though it is a plate carrier, the CPCS does not offer any ballistic protection, stand alone plates will only offer their rated protection with this system. If you want level 4 protection and are using plates from a vest with soft armor inside you must compensate for that armor loss with another layer of armor underneath the CPCS. 

SO Tech Callahan Convertible Plate Carrier Hellcat Version

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