Monday, March 28, 2016

Swedish Army Long Johns m / 91

Long Johns m / 91
Långkalsong m/91

Long Johns m / 91 (M7322-105000-1), Green.
Size 7 (weight 95-110 kg).

Green cable knit long johns with H-front and ribbons lined fly. Long underwear made from 47% polyester, polychlal 32% and 21% cotton. The material composition and construction makes the underwear is moisture wicking and fire-resistant properties. Manufactured in 6 sizes (3-8). This pair has the size 7th

Attached label with the text: "Working on M7322-105000-1 Long Johns m / 91. Näsbypark 920 303 D-O Hammer."

Long Johns m / 91 green M7322-105000

Long underwear is knitted in the so-called channel knitting, making material structured in inside. 
The air gap formed between the skin and the garment increases comfort feeling when the garment that has absorbed moisture is not directly in skin. The structure also has a positive impact on the garment's insulation and cooling capacity.

Long Johns 91 is made of a fiber blend where the fiber modacrylic included. modacrylic has permanent fire-retardant properties and do that the garment does not burn or melt. If garment exposed to flame so charred it and shrinks instead of melt. long Johns available in sizes 3-8.

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