Saturday, March 5, 2016

Propper Advanced Protective Combat Uniform, or APCU

The Advanced Protective Combat Uniform, or APCU for short, is a world class layering system for tactical professionals. It consists of seven highly technical layers, which can be combined to protect the operator from nearly any environmental conditions. From hot, windy desert to the sub-zero arctic, the system is capable of many diverse applications. It not only protects against environmental dangers, but cradles the wearer in comfort using next generation fabrics. It was designed as a superior alternative to layering systems such as Gen 2 and Gen 3 ECWCS, by a team with first hand experience in hostile, extreme environments.

Since 1967, Propper has outfitted the United States armed forces, law enforcement professionals and first responders with only the highest quality apparel.

Adventure Tech APCU

Item Name Level SKU

Lightweight Top Short Sleeve
Lightweight Top Long Sleeve
APCU Level 1 - Baselayer
APCU Level 1 - Baselayer
Lightweight BottomAPCU Level 1 - BaselayerF5234
Midweight Baselayer TopAPCU Level 2 - Baselayer
Midweight Baselayer BottomAPCU Level 2 - BaselayerF5237
Pullover Sweater APCU Level 3 - Insulation
Windshirt APCU Level 4 - InsulationF7340
Softshell Jacket APCU Level 5 - SoftshellF7403
Softshell TrousersAPCU Level 5 - SoftshellF7220
Ultralite JacketAPCU Level 6 - HardshellF7408
Ultralite TrousersAPCU Level 6 - HardshellF7208
Insulated Parka
Insulated Pants
APCU Level 7 - Insulation
APCU Level 7 - Insulation

Level VII Insulated Pants
Level VII Insulated Jacket
Level V Softshell Jacket
Level VI Rain Jacket
Level IV Windshirt

Propper Packable Full Zip Windshirt

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