Saturday, January 2, 2016

AJUNGILAK German Special Forces Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag 
NSN : 8465-12-342-6220

Exceptionally warm military sleeping bag from German Army - Bundeswehr. Used by special forces called KSK, during extreme expeditions. Made of high quality materials. 

Sleeping bag manufactured under contract using the latest technologies. It is extremely light andvery warm, the comfortable temperature is -20 degrees C, while the extreme temperature is -30degrees C.

Equipped with a waterproof bag with compressive straps that allow significantly reduce the size ofsleeping bag, so it takes up minimal space

Ajungilak History
Michael Breien starts business, called Mechanisk Wattfabrik, in Chr. Kroghsgt 16, Oslo, Norway
specialises in making waddings from recycled cotton and wool, for mattresses, pillows, clothing and upholstery
Business has a turnover of NOK 60,000 Norwegian Kroner and a staff of ten
Jacob Breien sells the factory to Georg Richard Fuglesang
Make their first sleeping bag, filled with reindeer hair and kapok
North Pole expeditioner, Fridtjof Nansen, co-develops ‘first extreme sleeping bag’
sale are now 100,000 Norwegian Kroner with a staff of fifteen
Georg Richard Fuglesang’s three sons join the business
Georg Richard Fuglesang II runs the business
make their first down sleeping bags
Georg Richard Fuglesang II joins the firm and focuses on the sleeping bag business
Martin Mehren and Arne Hoygaard crosse Greenland using the sleeping bags
They propose new word for sleeping bag range,“Ajungilak” said to be Inuit for “warm greeting” or “comfort”
Turnover is 525,000 Norwegian Kroner with a staff of twenty five
A new 3000 m2 factory is completed with modern carding and sewing machines
make their first synthetic sleeping bag
production spreads to a second factory in Honefoss (50 km NW of Oslo)
an old wool factory in Berger (60 km S of Oslo) purchased for processing of down and feather for new range of sleeping bags and quilts.
fourth Georg Richard Fuglesang join A/S GR Fuglesangs Sonner to build the down and feather division
exporting to Sweden, Germany and United Kingdom, via Helly Hansen
all production in Oslo moved to a 4,500 m2 factory in Honefoss
add on a 1,100 m2 warehouse
product range centres on only bedding and sleeping bags
establish the British sales company, Snuggledown of Norway (UK) Ltd
UK business becomes a production company and a new building is purchased in Milton Keynes, UK
parent company renamed as Ajungilak A/S
German subsidiary established in Hamburg
purchase the assets of bankrupt Nordiska Fjader AB (Northern Feather) of Malmo, Sweden
With Northern Feather purchase acquire new technology, modern production machinery and substantial market share in Sweden
Snuggledown of Norway (UK) Ltd sold
focus is concentrated exclusively on outdoor products
all production in Norway ceases, due to prohibitive costs
sleeping bag production is moved to a Ajungilak facility near Beijing, China
acquired by Switzerland’s Mammut Sports, whose parent company is Conzzeta Holding
wins “Gear of the Year” award in German magazine ‘Outdoor’ for best synthetic bag
wins “Gear of the Year” award in German magazine ‘Outdoor’ for best synthetic bag
wins “Gear of the Year” award in German magazine ‘Outdoor’ for best synthetic bag
launches world's first seamless synthetic sleeping bag. Insulation is spot-laminated to bag shell.
wins the best award in German magazine ‘Outdoor’ for both synthetic and down bags
Mammut’s sales are 150 million swiss franc

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