Wednesday, November 25, 2015

SPLAV Jacket "Balance" membrane Hard Shell

Куртка "Balance" мембрана
Membrane jacket Balance production "Fusion".

All seams are taped
Waterproof zippers
The hood is removable and adjustable in size and oval face
The front zipper is offset relative to the center

2 upper and 2 lower pockets
1 sleeve pocket
on top of the collar and hem

Permeability (method B1) - 20000 g / m2 / 24 h
Attention! These vapor permeability listed on the information label jackets (15,000 g / m2 / 24 h), not true! On the websites of the revised data
Water resistant - 10,000 mm water column

Product Weight:
44-46 / 170-176 pp - 640 g
48-50 / 170-176 pp - 643 g
52-54 / 170-176 pp - 670 g
56-58 / 182-188 pp - 733 g

Jacket Balance - this balance throughout. The design, materials, each element of lightning or fittings thought out of place and beautiful of the beauty that distinguishes the quality thing, and diligent work.

In this jacket you can walk in the city, but she was born in order to meet the dawn on the rocky ridge to pass through the arches of rainbows or leave the first tracks in the snow. This is also free, does not restrict movement tailoring jackets, and waterproof zippers, which eliminates the valves or protective strips, saving weight and increasing reliability.

Furthermore, in its upper part closed zipper "garazhikom" lock, which prevents water from entering the pockets or under the jacket. Removable hood adjustable in shape and volume of the head and is coupled with a high collar insurmountable barrier wind, cold and precipitation.
Manufacturers jackets clearly did not anticipate that it will only walk along the paths of the city park. Add to that the membrane fabric, and even the most economical (due to objective reasons or temperament) people can not fail to recognize that in terms of price - quality jacket pleasantly surprised.

Not marked big names membrane nevertheless has a waterproof - 10,000 mm water column and vapor permeability (according to method B1) - 20,000 g / m2 / 24 h. In any case, recall that 10,000 mm water column - a watertight at which the fabric can withstand. maybe not storm conditions (squally winds, heavy rain oblique), but the heavy rain.

Water vapor permeability of the fabric matches the vapor permeability of the membrane Event® - one of the best membrane for a given parameter for the moment. Thus, the characteristics of the fabric and design of the jacket, designed for people who are engaged in active sports and tourism, and the price makes it accessible to the general public.

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