Monday, August 24, 2015

Criss Optical MAG-1 Optical Frame

NSN : 6540-01-107-4510
Size 46-25 

NSN : 6540-01-107-1732
Size 48-25 

NSN : 6540-01-107-1733 
Size 50-25 

The Criss Optical Mag-1 is a very cleverly designed eyeglass frame. The front plate fits like a standard eyeglass frame; therefore, it may accommodate practically any prescription lens. The side pieces fold around the face and are secured with a sturdy rubber head strap.

This frame/ goggle is popular with athletes as well as first responders and military. The Criss Optical Mag-1 fits snugly under standard-issue oxygen masks and face shields used by fire departments.

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