Wednesday, July 29, 2015

BOA Ballistic Optical Armor Googles

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The BOA goggle is the latest innovation in military protective eyewear. It is designed to readily adjust to the diverse and constantly changing threats faced in hostile environments. The goggle has the ability to simply and easily change out lenses allowing the user to quickly adjust and reconfigure the goggle to varying mission need scenarios. 

The goggle comes standard with clear and sunshade lenses. Additional lenses are available which provide protection against harmful laser systems. All lenses when tested per MIL-STD-662E using a 0.22 caliber, 17 grain T37 shaped projectile traveling at 550-560 feet per second will pass a V0 requirement. Refer to product specification PS-0427 for specifics.


• Low profile design allows for a wide field of view, compatibility with a variety of helmets, night vision goggles, weapons sights, and targeting systems. 

• Rigid nylon frame with a soft conforming elastomeric seal provides for a comfortable seal and allows the goggle to be adjusted to accommodate a variety of facial sizes. 

• Prescription lens insert eliminates the common problem of having to fit goggles over prescription eyewear. Attachment of the carrier is accomplished by simply snapping the carrier onto a mount at the center of the goggle frame. 

• Two different multifunctional straps: a Universal design that is worn under a helmet and a ski strap style. Each strap is capable of being worn with ACH, PASGT, CVC, USMC Lightweight Helmet, and the Tactical Ballistic Helmet (TBH-II). Each strap can be adjusted to accommodate different head and helmet sizes. The major difference between straps is the extra webbing length in the universal version that allows the goggle to be loosened and hung on a soldier’s chest while still being attached to the helmet. 

• Superior eye protection is provided against laser, dust and impact. The goggle meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 requirement for safety eyewear. Laser, clear and sunshade lenses can be worn in the system providing enhanced eye protection. 

• To minimize fogging, ventilation parts in combination with anti-fog coating technologies have been incorporated. The result is reduced fogging without compromising the protective feature of the goggle. Optical configuration options Optical lenses include UV inhibitors and are available with two types of coatings: 

• High abrasion resistant nanoparticle coating with a topical applied anti-fog solution which is added to the lens surface as needed. 

• Permanently applied anti-fog coating with scratch resistant properties,

Lenses are available in clear, sunshade and a variety of laser protective configurations. The basic goggle system is supplied with a clear and sunshade lens, carrying case and goggle frame with user designated attaching strap as noted below.


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