Thursday, June 4, 2015

How do you pronounce WebbingBabel ? What does it mean?

What does Webbing Babel mean?

Webbing Confusion 

Webbing·babel [Webbing + Babel]

Babel was the Hebrew name for Babylon which means "gate of god." But It was similar to the Hebrew word balal which meant to confound or confuse. Babel also means a scene of noise and confusion

Webbing is used to make military belts, packs and pouches, and by extension also refers to the items themselves. The British Army adopted cotton webbing to replace leather after the Second Boer War although leather belts are still worn in more formal dress. The term is still used for a soldier's combat equipment, although cotton webbing has since been replaced with more advanced materials. The webbing system used by the British Army today is known as Personal Load Carrying Equipment and is informally called "webbing".

Let's Clear Up This Confusion 

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