Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bolle T-800 Tactical Goggle w/ Clear 2.2mm Lens

Bolle T-800 Tactical Goggle

Bolle T 800 Tactical Goggles is a Ballistic Goggle designed for long term use and helmet compatibility. Military / Tactical Bolle T-800 Goggles design features allow for exceptional peripheral vision and comfortable fit. 

Bolle T-800 Ballistic Goggles black frame 100800110 is constructed of impact resistent "Zytel" and a special "bi-raw material" contruction process bonds to the interior sections and allows for a soft comfortable fit without the use of foam. 

Interior sections of Bolle T800 Tactical Goggle frame that seal to the face are made of an anti-allergenic elastomer rubber. 

High impact Bolle T-800 Goggles 2.2 mm polycarbonate Replacement Lens of Bolle T 800 R Goggles is anti-fog coated on the interior and anti-scratch coated on the exterior and provides 100% UV absorption. 

The nylon back strap of T 800 Bolle Tactical Goggle is 35 mm wide and is 73 mm long. T-800 Bolle Tactical Goggles has an elastic extension of 160% allowing easy use with a helmet. 

Bolle T 800 Tactical Goggles are currently in use by U.S. Special Forces, Navy Seals, Army Rangers and many municipal SWAT Teams.

Bolle T800 Tactical Goggle Frame
Impact resistant Zytel and elastomer rubberBolle 

T-800 Military Goggle Lens
Single 2.2 mm polycarbonate Foamless Face Seal
Anti-allergenic elastomer rubber face seal bonded to the Zytel frameBolle 

T-800 Tactical Goggle Strap
35 mm wide Nylon Fiber
73 cm long with 160% elasticity

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