Sunday, May 31, 2015

DUI Scout Swimmer Assault Pack

DUI Scout Swimmer Assault Pack
Model 401217 

DUI Scout Swimmer pack with auto inflator assembly, in slightly used condition. Retail cost is $1,318 per the DUI retail priceThis is a 2,975 cubic inch capacity waterproof, gas-tight amphibious rucksack - designed to meet the requirement of swimming, diving and submarine lockouts. It provides protection via DUI’s 3-bag concept. The waterproof bag is heavy duty nylon butyl rubber trilaminate. A 1,000-denier Cordura stuff sack is included to store the equipment in to protect the inside of the waterproof bag. The outer Cordura bag takes most of the abuse. All of the straps are sewn to this outer bag so the least amount of stress is placed on the waterproof bag. The bag also includes a zippered weight storage area that incorporates DUI’s patented quick release weight system in the event the weights had to be ditched. This bag is ideal for water and land use.

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