Saturday, April 25, 2015

Russian Army Last Hope Survival Blanket

Спасательное одеяло ( накидка медицинская)
Накидка медицинская одеяло "Последняя надежда"
Накидка медицинская (изотермическое спасательное покрывало)

Cape Medical (isothermal survival blanket) is known as "blanket last hope" 
Production of the USSR.

Size 230 x 250 cm. (It is almost twice as many contemporary Chinese counterparts), folded 15h17 cm. Weight 170 gr.

Cape Medical, known as Blanket "Last Hope". Production of the USSR.
Can perform two functions, as reflects heat:
If wrapped in a blanket, you can quickly warm up
If it is to pull the awning as it is possible to escape the heat.

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