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US Military MSS Modular Sleep System

8465-01-445-6274 (A-A-55262) 

U.S. GI Modular Sleep System

NSN : 8465-01-445-6274
NIIN Asgmt 09-JUN-97

The 4- Part Modular Sleep System -
NSN # 8465-01-445-6274 

  • Camo Green Patrol Bag
  • Black Intermediate Bag
  • Woodland Camouflage Waterproof Bivy Cover
  • Black Stuff Sack

  • Camo Green Patrol Bag- NSN # 8465-01-398-0685
  • , X-long NSN # 8465-01-452-1688
  • Black Intermediate Bag-NSN # 8465-01-398-0687, X-Long NSN # 8465-01-452-1690
  • Woodland Camouflage Waterproof Bivy Cover-NSN # 8465-01-416-8517, X-Long NSN # 8465-01-452-1695
  • Black Stuff Sack-NSN # 8465-01-398-5428

Mix and match layering for rations from 60 to -50 degrees Fahrenheit
60 degrees using bivy cover as main bag and other two componets as cushion.
-30 degrees when all 3 components and dress in polypropylene expedition weight undershirt, drawers and cushion socks for 8 hours of sleep .
-40 degrees when all 3 components are used together the system is rated to provide 4 hours sleep
-50 degrees Fahrenheit is possible for a user wearing various layers of ECW clothing inside 3 components.

The four components together by the single number
NSN 8465-01-395-1154.

Sleeping Bag, Patrol, Green (30 to 50 deg F), MSS Green
NSN 8465-01-398-0685

Sleeping Bag, Intermediate, Black (30 to -10 deg F), CW, MSS Black NSN 8465-01-398-0687
Compression Stuff Sack, Black NSN 8465-01-398-5428

Bivy Cover, Woodland Camo, NSN 8465-01-416-851

Patrol Bag 
Temperature to +30 F
Reversible double pull (opens end to end) slider allows top or bottom ventilation
Non-locking slide fastener self repairs if jammed or snagged
Draft flap prevents heat loss
Hood adjusts for heat retention; includes nylon drawcord and barrel lock
Measures: 92 x 37 to 92 x 24
Color: Green

Intermediate Cold Weather Bag 
Temperature to -10 deg F
Free from cold spots
Insulation does not migrate in the bag
Anatomically designed foot box contains twice the insulation as the bag
Sewn-in, quilted chest collar prevents air drafts up and down through the hood
Hood adjusts for heat retention; includes nylon drawcord and barrel lock
Measures: 87 x 35 1/2 to 87 x 23
Color: Black

Stuff Sack 
Compressible to one cubic foot
Six one inch wide nylon webbing straps adjust by ladderlock buckles
Reinforcement webbing is sewn around the circumference of the bag
Nylon drawcord closure with a barrel lock
Measures 30 in length by 14 in diameter
Color: Black

Goretex Bivy Cover 
Made of durably waterproof and windproof three layer GORE-TEX fabric and approved by all departments and agencies of the Department of Defense
Includes snap fastener and slide fastener
Measures: 85 x 28 x 35
Color: Woodland Camo

Four component weight aprox: 8.5 lbs or 2735g
NSN: 8465-01-395-1154 (four component)

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