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US Army Individual Integrated Fighting System

The Integrated Individual Fighting system (IIFS) consists of :

  • the individual Tactical Load Bearing Vest (ITLBV) , 
  • the 40mm Grenade Vest , 
  • the Field Pack , Large with Internal Frame (FPLIP) , 
  • and the Extreme Cold Weather Sleeping System (ECWSS)

The IIFS was designed to improve efficiency through more even distribution of the load weight and reduce bulk.The Components of the system are constructed of lightweight materials to reduce overall weight .
The ECWSS will provide enviromental protection between +40°F and -45°F ( +5°C and -46°C ) and is intended to be used with the foam sleeping mat.

IFFS System Description

The IFFS is composed of eight separate equipment and clothing items that , when used together will lighten individual combat loads.When used with the components of Extreme Cold Weather Sleeping System the ECWSS  will afford protection for various enviromental conditions .

Vest, Tactical Load Carrying
NSN : 8415-01-296-8878
Date : 25-MAR-89

The IIFS Tactical Load-Carrying Vest [also known as the Individual Tactical Load-Bearing Vest or ITLBV, Tactical Load-Bearing Vest or TLBV, and Load-Bearing Vest M-1988 or LBV88] is designed to replace the All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment or ALICE system individual equipment belt and individual equipment belt suspenders as well as the small arms ammunition cases [even those continue to be utilized with the IIFS to carry extra ammunition].

40 mm Grenade Vest [NSN : 8415-01-317-1622 ] Date : 24-MAR-90

The Vest is designed to transport the basic load of 40mm grenade ammunition for the grenadier .
It is a one-size-fits-all item constructed of very strong nylon fabric and webbing.
The Vests weights 2.1 lbs empty.It provides space for 14 HE Grenades and 4 Pyrotechnic Projectiles in permanently attached grenade pockets.

Pack, Patrol, Combat [NSN : 8465-01-287-8128]

Pack, Patrol, Combat - The combat patrol pack is designed for short missions and offers 1200 cubic inches of cargo space in two compartments. The main compartment is padded to protect the back from heavy, sharp items. The main compartment incorporates two tiedown straps that can be used to stabilize equipment such as a field radio

Field Pack [NSN 8465-01-286-5356]

Field Pack - The field pack, also known as Field Pack, Large With Internal Frame [FPLIF] or Combat Field Pack M-1990[CFP-90], is constructed of an 8.0 ounce backcoated nylon fabric printed in the woodland camouflage pattern which has excellent abrasion resistance and water repellency

IIFS Field Pack [NSN : 8465-00-935-6825]

In the mid-1990s the M-1967 Modernized Load-Carrying Equipment or MLCE Field Pack is resurrected for use with IIFSsystem. A modified olive green version of the M-1967 MLCE Field Pack [sometimes referred to as a "butt pack"] has been utilized for sometime as a "three-day training pack" in conjunction with the ALICE system, but is not a component of it. TheIIFS version is manufactured in the woodland camouflage pattern and retains the same National Stock Number as the M-1967 MLCE version [the "three-day training pack" also retains the same National Stock Number].

Use and care of Individual Integrated Fighting System
Manual Pdf : Here

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