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Navy Seal Corpsman Bag Packing list in 2005

SEAL Corpsman, and other medical providers use a variety of medical bags, with different configurations, for different purposes and missions.

While each bag has its' own configuration, SEAL Corpsmen usually modify the contents, to some degree, to conform to their personal preferences and mission profiles.

Demonstrated here is one off-the-shelf general purpose SEAL Corpsman bag, configured for use by a corpsman attached to Seal Team Three. 

The bag demonstrated here is not specifically manufactured for government issue, but is sold commercially. This use of civilian equipment is not unusual in the Special Operations community.

The Bag

NSN : 6545-01-522-1016
July 19, 2004

The bag is a black, woven nylon backpack, with shoulder straps, chest strap, waist strap, and hand-carrying strap. As configured, it weighs 20 pounds (dry).

The bag unzips to reveal a main compartment and two fold-out flaps. There is also an external zipped pocket that can be accessed without opening the bag.

Main Compartment

Fold-out Flap (Ventilation Management)

Fold out Flap with Velcro Pouches

Pouch #1
Pouch #2
  • Nylon suture, 4-0 and 5-0
  • Betadine Swab Sticks
  • Scalpel blades
  • Benzoin Sticks
  • Steri-Strips
  • Benadryl 50 mg injection
  • 5 cc Syringes (2)
  • 20 Gauge needles
  • 26 Gauge needles
Pouch #3
Pouch #4
Pouch #5
  • Sunblock - SPF 30
  • Stethoscope
  • 2 Oz. Irrigating Syringe
  • Toradol 60 mg injection
External Pocket

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