Friday, January 23, 2015

London Bridge Trading LBT 1732 for M60E3

London Bridge Trading Co. M60/Mk 48 308 LMG ammo belt pouch, known as the LBT 1732. This was designed for the Navy SEALs to carry 400 rounds of 308 rifle ammo belted up for use for the M60E3. Extra heavy duty Cordura Nylon in Olive Drab . Includes removeable ammo bag with double compartments, Padded fannie pack belt, and LBE padded shoulder straps to allow mounting the bag vertically for feed ammo belts like the predator back packs.

Used LBTC 1732 7.62 / 308 Mk 48 / M60 E4 pouch in great condition. This is in green (discontinued). Obviously this pouch carries 400 rounds for the Mk 48. Set up is complete with all of the straps and buckles in good working order. Hard setup to find.

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