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Backpack, Medical Trauma
NSN : 6515-01-507-7165
Date : 02/06/03

Critical care air transport team adult basic trauma backpack with removable outside pocket for A line roll pack


NSN 6515-01-507-7165

The Critical Care Aeromedical Treatment pack is the ultimate backpack for transporting critical medical supplies/medications required for in-flight patient treatment. The CCAT pack was designed using input from doctor's, physician assistant's, special forces medics, flight nurses, etc., we listened to their recommendations and meshed as many ideas as possible into a finished product. Our goal was to encompass the entire aeromedical community, get their input and develop a specialized backpack especially for the aeromedical mission. The CCAT pack is the result of that two year process. Since the time of inception to now we have manufactured over 1,000 packs for a wide variety of army and air force medical units as well as special operations units. This pack is high quality and built to withstand the rugged use during deployments, flights and ground operations.

The CCAT pack has many styles and types of internal and external pockets to hold a wide variety of medical supplies, equipment and medications. The pack is designed to hang inside the aircraft exposing the contents for easy access during flight. When finished, the pack is easily closed and made ready for the next use.

A special controlled medication bag is supplied with the pack and fits on the inside of pack. It can be removed and carried by the physician while CCAT pack is palletized for shipment or not being used. Controlled medications are easily stored, organized and transported and reinserted inside backpack when needed.

Made using heavy duty nylon Cordura to military specifications.
Main pack body is 24" x 17" x 7".
Fully adjustable semi-rigid frame system.
Removable, fully adjustable padded shoulder straps & waist belt.
Removable lumbar support pad.
Separate controlled medication bag.

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