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Sked-Pak II Hand Carriable Medical Ruck

Date Established : 10 May 2001


skedco inc med pack hand carried

Sked-Pak™ II , Egan Bag
The Sked-Pak™ II is a simpler alternative to the Sked-Pak™ I, for those who do not require the jumpable bag or storage for personal gear. The Sked-Pak™ II has the same internal dimensions and components as the Sked-Pak™ I. This bag has a handle, which allows it to be carried like a suitcase, as well as stowable/concealed shoulder straps which allow it to be worn as a backpack.
The Sked-Pak™ II is ideal for ground based or civilian medic, as well as air, water or ground ambulances. Since the removable main compartment is identical to the Sked-Pak™ I, a single insert could be stocked and transferred from bag to bag for resupply as dictated by field conditions.

The complete main body insert (SK-1112) is designed to fit into both Sked-Pak™ I and Sked-Pak™ II. Placed between the lid and the main compartment is a detachable airway management pouch (SK-1105), which has a clear non-glare plastic on one side and sewn pockets with elastic on the other. This pouch allows storage of all airway management equipment.

Bag includes the following components: main body insert; removable insert divider; airway management pouch; and drug/syring ki
The main body insert (SK-1103) of the Sked-Pak™ along with the Removable insert divider (SK-1104) is re-configurable for any user; Doctors, PA’s or medical corpsmen. It can carry up to six IV units, several dressings and battle packs, or can be reconfigured to hold two standard “D” cylinders of oxygen, with plenty of room for regulators, hose and BVM.

Each Sked-Pak™ also includes a heavily padded drug/syringe kit (SK-1106). Extra inserts can be purchased to allow for rapid re-supply of kits.

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