Saturday, April 19, 2014

London Bridge Trading LBT 9022B T Medical Kit

LBT 9022BT 

Thanks to : kyledefoor

One of the coolest kit advancements I've seen in a long time is this med pouch. I wear mine in the small of the back of the plate carrier.

Reach back with one hand, grab the secured quick release tab...

..give it a pull, and here comes your blowout kit.

General Features
Small Blow-out Pouch
Aircraft Cable Quick Release Strap
Modular Webbing
Tuck Tabs
Holds CMS Kit, (MOJO-000)

Complete LBT-9022 Medical Kit w/ quick release pull tab. 
Can be belt mounted or MOLLE mounted.
Comes with Chinook Medical custom medical insert.

2) Nitrile Gloves, Large - blk 
1) Quick Clot Combat Gauze Z-Fold 
1) Gauze S-Rolled 
1) Israeli Bandage 4" 
1) HALO Chest Seal 
1) Naso Airway w/ Lube 
1) Elastic Bandage 4" 
1) TCCC card and pencil

Overall Dimensions
5.5L x 9W x .5H
Weight: 0.195 lbs

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