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M-9 Assault Medical Aid Backback, Coyote Brown,
NSN 6545-01-539-6448

(April 27, 2006)

M-9 Assault Medical Aid Backback, ACU Pattern, 
NSN 6545-01-539-6450
(April 27, 2006)

Product Description

The M9 Assault Medical Backpack was specifically designed to better fulfill the needs of the operational medic involved in vehicle or aircraft operations. The problem with conventional medical packs is the bulk and thickness of the bag interfering with the medic’s ability to sit or move in vehicles or aircraft. The M9 was designed and created with the guidance of a Physician’s Assistant (PA), who also served as a Special Operations 18D medic, to provide a backpack with a very thin profile that carries the necessary medical support items for operational medics. Pack only. Contents not included. (A fully stocked, field-ready version is also available.)

- Modular instrument panel
- Four removable zippered mesh pockets in main compartment
- Pack flap with two small mesh pockets, hidden pocket behind instrument panel
- Large mesh pocket on back

Carry Options:
- Carry handles located on top of pack body and flap
- Backpack straps and waist strap
- Top of pack is configured with two removable straps (via fastec buckles) designed to be sewn onto body armor or a load bearing vest

Additional Features:
- Bottom pocket designed to hold IV solutions (accessible through front zipper or from inside of pack via trap door bottom)
- Internal zipper pulls are red para-cord for fast, easy identification
- MOLLE attachment points on side of pack body and front flap
- Drain hole located in bottom
- Webbing loose ends on backpack straps and waist strap have Velcro© securing straps
- 3"x 2" Velcro© patch (loop side) sewn on front cover for IR identifiers
- Includes modular padded shoulder strap system

Closed Dimensions: 20”h x 13”w x 3”d

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Field Ready M9 Kit Contents : 

1 Enduro Headlamp w/Battery & Blue Flip Lens

1 Trauma Shears

1 Straight Kelly Hemostat, 6.25"

4 Mosquito Hemostat, 3.5"

1 TACOPS Personal Rescue Knife

3 Triangular/Cravat Bandages, 40"x 40"

1 Disposable Suction Device

8 Alcohol Prep Pads

8 Iodine Prep Pads

1 Chest Seal

2 Nasopharyngeal Airway, 30Fr

2 Nasopharyngeal Airway, 34Fr

5 Elastic Bandage, 4"x5yds

6 Adhesive Bandage, 7/8"x3"

6 2"x2" Sterile Gauze Pads, 2pk

6 4"x4" Sterile Gauze Pads, 2pk

5 Compressed Gauze Packs

6 Surgical Lubricant Foil Packs

1 Emergency Bandage, 4"

10 Disposable Gloves, Pair

1 Pocket Bag Valve Mask

1 Permanent Felt-tip Marker, Blue

3 Adhesive Tape, 1"x10yds

5 Fingertip Adhesive Bandage

5 Knuckle Adhesive Bandage

2 QuikClot® Z-Fold Combat Gauze

2 SAM® Splint, 36"

1 Silverlon Burn Kit

2 Compression Bandage

1 Oral Airway, 80mm

1 Oral Airway, 100mm

1 Sterile Burn Dressing, 18"x18"

1 Fine Point Forceps, 4.5"

1 MyClyns Protective Spray

2 SOF Tactical Tourniquet

1 Tac Notes Book, 4"x 6"

Field Ready M-9 Bag also available:

M-9 Assault Medical Aid Backback, ACU Pattern, 
NSN 6545-01-539-6450

M-9 Assault Medical Aid Backback, MultiCam,
NSN 6545-01-597-2145

M-9 Assault Medical Aid Backback, Ranger Green, 
NSN 6545-01-539-6444

M-9 Assault Medical Aid Backback, Black,
NSN Unassigned

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