Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chinese Army PLA type 78 Paratroopers Canteen (Late Version)


Thanks to : BBS.Tiexue

1 , when they go out into the kettle filled with water to the back line of the outer shoulder bags . Dinner set off boxes at the bottom of the bottle can be used to dress you prepare good food , the lower the boxes removed in advance by the kettle , installed you prepare food , cover tightly sealed lid boxes , and put them in portable equipment . Can also be installed to tie lunchbox lunchbox portable handle travel . Advised to boil water , soup , cooked food, such as : instant noodles, vegetables, eggs and other foods. Please note that before the first lunch box with handle installed , so hot.
2 , after a fire in the wild , you can use climbing battle , branches of the handle bracket installed boxes , hanging bracket can be used to boil water in cooking , without tank , stove and other equipment , no matter what kind of environment , as long as it ground coverage ( also can be used with alcohol or other solid fuels , liquid fuels )

Type 65 and 78 paratroopers kettle -style kettle compared canvas bag structure is completely different, although this design may be more secure but the operation is also a little trouble ; paratrooper version than 78 type materials work better, more solid , the surface treatment of aluminum has also been different rigorous oxidation , high temperature , not afraid of fire, afraid of corrosion ; another folded hands painted green paint , I feel more solid grip ; sealing between the lid and the lunch is better .

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