Monday, October 21, 2013

NVA Feldflasche DDR Waterbottle

NVA Feldflasche


KVP Feldflasche

This is actually a classic German canteen, as it has been used for many years in the German military. The canteen is an aluminum bottle with aluminum cups and aluminum screw cap.

Feldflasche Blumentarn

As the successor to the aluminum canteen this plastic-bottle was introduced.Blumentarn was introduced around 1958 The bottle was changed in shape, got a camouflage print with verse existing canteen cover, still in Fl├Ąchentarn, with an aluminum cup, plastic screw, pouch with snap hook.
Capacity 0.65 liters


Feldflasche Einstrichkeinstrich

As successors of the canteen cover in Fl├Ąchentarn , Strichtarn-Raindrop pattern was introduced the Plastic bottle with an aluminum cup, plastic screw, with hook pouch remained unchanged.
Capacity 0.65 liters


Feldflasche Isoliert
The canteen was isolated intended for use in the winter, equivalent in size to the normal canteen is also a plastic water bottle with plastic screw cap has a plastic insulating cover, a Kunststoffberiemung and an aluminum cup.

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