Thursday, October 3, 2013

French Army experimental water bottle mod. 1892

Bidon Français d'essai modèle 1892

Thanks to : Caverne du Dragon

This bottle is not any phony: it is a can of aluminum test "to quarter stick" model 1892. If one believes the book and Dekerle Mirouze, taken from the site of the Cave of the Dragon which exposed on a page as a container, it was released in 1908 on the occasion of the maneuvers of the Loire (called "operations of the Centre "in the documents of the Ministry of War).

Water Bottle test aluminum fluted quarter stick with a capacity of one liter , coated with black paint reduces light reflections liter. Reproducing the shape of the container 1884 model Cavalry, this equipment has 5 individual ribs reinforcement on each side. This model can, to some body for team maneuvers of the Loire in 1908, is seen by some regiments at the beginning of the Great War. This is particularly true of the 231st Infantry Regiment belongs Eusebius Clement Dubocq.

Its owner, who took care of his name engraved on the bottle and a quarter, is illustrated on 16 April 1917 in the 31th Infantry Regiment during the attack of the Bois des Buttes. Appointed sergeant on May 2, 1917 Eusebius Dubocq integrates 21st Colonial Infantry Regiment in 1918, the regiment in which he will finish the war.

Material: Aluminum

Height / Length: 22.5 cm

Diameter / Width: 12 cm

Thickness: 7 cm

Weight 226 grams

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