Friday, September 13, 2013

German Field Eating Utensil - Eßbesteck


Eßbesteck (Spork/Easting Utensil)

German Soldaten were each issued with an Eßbesteck, a combination folding spoon/fork. The Eßbesteck was constructed from tin-plated steel and there were two different patterns, one for mounted troops and one for dismounted troops. The dismounted/infantry model was longer and the spoon portion had a small downward bend that allowed the Eßbesteck to snap into the top of the infantry pattern Kochsgeschirr Mounted troops carried a larger Kochsgeschirr so the Eßbesteck for mounted troops was shorter and designed to be carried in the Brotbeutelor pockets.

Eßbesteck as stored in the Kochsgeschirr

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