Monday, September 2, 2013

French Army WW2 Gasmask Bag ANP 31 - Musette pour masque ANP 31

WWII French Bag gasmask holder / Sac Musette fran├žais pour masque ANP 31
L'ANP 31 (appareil normal de protection)

Thanks to : jpl030874

ANP 31 is a protective device against the French appeared in 1931 gas.
ANP 31 (normal protective device) is actually a modification of the ARS (special breathing apparatus) of the First World War.

Little Bag / holder of the French army / WWII
- For the gas mask ANP31
- 2 large pockets inside. 1 little pocket inside for the lenses. 2 Little pockets on the sides. 1 strap.
- Dated 1935

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