Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Ook genaamd: infanterie-, Linnemann- of pioschop. Deens: Linnemannska spaden. Duits: Klappspaten. Engels: entrenching tool; E-tool. Frans: pelle bĂȘche.

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Inventor of the pioneer shovel is the Danish captain of infantry MJB Linnemann (1830-1889), who in 1867 constructed a kick that was no more than ½ meters and weighed 700 to 750 grams. Since 1876, the pioneer kick to the equipment of the Dutch military.

The current, three-piece pioneer shovel in case belongs to the Royal Army to the basic combat equipment. Typically, the pioneer shovel on the back of the backpack attached or in the middle of the back of the carrier / opsvest.
The steel pioneer shovel is olive green in color, measuring 24 cm in folded condition and the sheet size is 21 by 15.5 cm. The handy spade weighs 1 kg.

To prevent corrosion, the pioneer shovel often coated with gun oil (Breakfree), which is environmentally not allowed.

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