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Czech Republic Army Backpack for Paratroopers - Batoh pro výsadkáře - SPM

Batoh pro výsadkáře
Batoh pro výsadkáře - SPM

ČSLA (Czechoslovakian National Army) (1954 until 1990)
AČR (Czech Republic Army)

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Backpack for paratroopers - SPM

This backpack is currently loaded in the Army .
Backpack deny its origins in the British Bergen.
Produced by the company S.P.M. from Liberec, who is also responsible for supporting modular system .
This backpack has access to Bergen bottom.
The second entrance is located at the bottom of the bag. To open, we must undo the three retaining buckle , zip and unzip massive allow stahovadlo closing membrane. Support straps on the bag are compared with the model more convenient. Maintaining the principle of solid stitching straps , ie backpack has adjustable back length . Backpack are profiled several horizontal strips of soft material .It is interesting that all the straps are longer than we normally need. It is on the basis that the soldier in winter gear with a bulletproof vest and thongs should still be able to comfortably handle all the straps and adjust as needed.
Shorten the straps discretion is not recommended because you do not know when you will long strap fit .
Another change to the model is a pocket on a rope between the parachute backpack.
The rope has two carabiners . One padákovému is fastened to the harness and the other to the support ear bag.
The jump is allowed costs from 30 to 40 kg . Backpack has already successfully passed the test parachute .
The backpack is made ​​of a material with a camouflage pattern 95 and includes camouflage in the IR spectrum.
Plastic parts used are the same as for new equipment German Bundeswehr .
Backpack fits into the new Army Modular bearing system MNS - 2000.
Side pockets can be equipped with both straps (a big bag are supplied 4 multipurpose straps , and you can adjust the straps for pocket ) , but they are mostly clipped to the back belt or vest.

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