Thursday, September 12, 2013

ČSLA Backpack Paratrooper model. 85 - Torbu pro výsadkáře vz. 85

Torbu pro výsadkáře vz. 85
Torna pro výsadkáře vz. 85 neboli "Gékáčko"
Torba vz. 85 "Gékáčko"
ČSLA (Czechoslovakian National Army) (1954 until 1990)
AČR (Czech Republic Army)

Torba Airborne vz. 85 alias "Gékáčko". Gékáčko name comes from the acronym GK, which comes from the Russian container GK-30th We can meet with the nickname "Sims".

Set contents: 1x double magazine pouches model. 58, 1 large pouch, 1 backpack, 1 rope with a carabiner to connect the bag to the harness parachute , harness 1
color: olive
Material: nylon

Description: Torba vz. 85 "Gékáčko"

This is called a knapsack for paratroopers vz. 85th His model was the Soviet container GK-30 (Gruzavičnyj containers), where numeral indicates the capacity container. From the shortcut GK was already coined the term "Gékáčko". Straps are first přidělají to his belt, and then they attached backpack. The belt is needed dovažovat location pouches with tanks and other housing front. Gékáčko is still used in the Army, because backpacks vz. 98 have been approved for use only with a parachute VTP-100th Torba is only sold as a whole - is not part of the rope and harness, can be purchased for backpack straps compatible model. 85th

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