Saturday, September 14, 2013

Austrailan Army Canteen Pouch 1968

Austrailan Army Canteen Pouch
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Dating from the Vietnam war they these are Australian army canteen covers. As I understand it they where designed to just insulate the canteen in the pack. Strangely the do not fit a canteen cup or have attachments for a belt.


  1. These covers were a solution to a transitional problem - i.e. the Australian army had more plastic 1qt canteens in the early to mid 1960s than they had Australian or US M1956 canteen covers. They did have a surplus of WWII-era Pattern 37 water bottle carriers, so in order to equip tens of thousands of National Servicemen, these wool covers were used to insulate the new plastic canteens while they were carried in the old school 37 Patt carriers.

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