Thursday, September 12, 2013


Универсальная всепогодная система

New uniforms for the military RRF

Russian Defense Ministry has developed a new special uniform for the military contingent of the Collective Rapid Response Forces of the Collective Security Treaty . According to the Office of the Press and Information Ministry of Defense, the first demonstration of the new uniforms was held in June at a meeting of the Council of Defense Ministers of CSTO .
The proposed variant of clothes consists of 6 sets and is designed for use at temperatures from +40 to -40 C. Fashion design takes into account the experience of fighting in various climatic and weather conditions in different areas. The new uniform has several colors, does not restrict movement , especially when shooting , noise when moving the soldier and has low optical visibility , and clothing items correspond to the standard set of equipment.
In the proposed uniform light weight , high durability and practicality. The materials used are of high strength characteristics , freezing , silent buckles , locks and fasteners, providing a quick donning and discarding equipment. Clothing provides a comfortable and long-term military presence in any setting , convenient and quick access to all elements of the equipment in a variety of positions.
A distinctive feature of the proposed form of clothing and its main advantage - modular , allowing independent of weather conditions and the specific situation of each element and the product used alone or in combination. Kit includes uniforms and suits fleece thermal underwear ( waterproof , field , wind and waterproof , insulated windproof ) . The kit also includes shoes and socks (summer and winter ) , a cap and a helmet to the face. For transportation of clothing has a roomy trunk 

Versatile all-weather clothing system for the RRF consists of:

1) Thermal underwear lightweight wicking
2) Thermal underwear warming wicking
3) Windproof fleece suit
4) Costume field (soft shell )
5) Costume vetrovodozaschitnogo (membrane hardshell )
6) Suit insulated windproof

Included as shoes, socks and shoes (summer and winter), cap and hood, trunk.

Outerwear (4-6) is made in gray-beige camouflage coloring, designed for mountain and desert areas, based on the anticipated theater CSTO RRF.

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