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Czechoslovak People's Army Kit Bag type 85 - Taška ČSLA - vz. 85

Taška "vz.85" olivovo zelená
Vojenský taška vz. 85

Czechoslovak People's Army Kit Bag 

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Color: Olive
- Classical, military, firm cotton bags
- Two zipper for opening
- Transverse compression straps

- Size:
width: 26 cm
height: 31 cm
length: 60 cm

Bag CSLA - vz. 85 Badger - olives
- Original bag of gear mod. 85 used CSLA
- Bulk bag - the "badger" intended for carriage as passenger baggage
- The equipment bag is made of durable polyester material with high strength and impregnated against moisture penetration
- Closing with double zip for easy Buy this product on a, the most popular Czech armyshop! access and patents
- Throughout the transparent pocket is sewn on name tag
Dimensions: 60 x 27 x 31 cm

ČSLA : Czechoslovak People's Army (ČSLA) From 1954 until 1990
(Czech: Československá lidová armáda, Slovak: Československá ľudová armáda, ČSLA)

AČR : Army of the Czech Republic  
(Czech: Armáda České republiky) after the 1 January 1993 dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

The force was split into the Army of the Czech Republic and the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic after 1 January 1993 split of the two states.

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