Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Primus Folding Spork - Folding plastic cutlery

Folding plastic cutlery
Primus Folding Spork
Skládací plastový příbor Primus Folding Spork

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Folding plastic cutlery Primus Folding Spork-tip on holiday with a backpack
Swedish company Primus line extension within the recently introduced several products and accessories for outdoor cooking. Among all a small detail, which is a plastic folding cutlery "two (three) in one", called Spork. Spork is an English word that has no precise Czech translation. It is a synonym for a combination spoon and fork (or even knife). This is no new thing. Among U.S. patents patent can be found at Mr. Francis spork from 1874. Jigsaw Primus (full name Primus Folding Spork) is made of durable polycarbonate and health safe. Its weight is only 12 grams is therefore literally light as a feather.

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