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Beretta AR70/90

Beretta AR70/90

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The Beretta AR70/90 is a gas operated self loading assault rifle chambered for the 5.56mm cartridge, and is the standard issue service rifle of the Italian Armed Forces. The weapon also features grenade sights, and is designed to be fitted with a rifle grenade. The AR series comes in many variants such as the AR90 which features a wire folding stock, for use by paratroopers.

The AR-70/90 is a moderately weighty weapon, scaling at approx. 4 kg in standard configuration, but still manufactured according to 1980s standards, i.e. with limited use of polymers (plastic parts), resorting to stainless steel whenever possible (a Beretta staple). A precise, solid and reliable weapon, with three firing positions (full auto, three-round burst, and single shot) and a safe, it sports a carrying handle not unlike that seen on classic Vietnam-era M16, a long, bulky barrel and a hollow stock. It is usually fitted with an ACOG or a red dot optic.


Weight 3.99 kg (8.80 lb) (varies slightly)
Length  998 mm (39.3 in) (varies slightly)
Cartridge             5.56×45mm NATO
Caliber  5.56
Action   Gas-operated
Rate of fire         650 RPM (varies slightly)
Muzzle velocity                950 m/s (3,100 ft/s)
Effective range 500 m (1,600 ft)
Feed system     30 round STANAG Magazine,
100-round C-Mag drum magazine
Sights    Iron/grenade sights

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